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Welcome to the "site"

General Conditions:

1. The use of, hereby known as the site, by any user, is subject to the TERMS OF USE and PRIVACY POLICY of this website. The Privacy Policy is an integral part of the conditions.

2. Under these conditions, the term "site owners" includes the site managers, operators, employees and their representatives.

3. Please read the conditions carefully, as the use of the website constitutes your agreement to all the terms stated herein. These conditions also apply to your use of the site today and in the future and will provide the legal basis for any discussion between you and the site Owner and/or their representative.

4. Subject to the conditions stated herein, you can make use of the applications and contents of the website that constitute its services.

5. The provisions stated in these regulations apply equally to both sexes and the use of masculine pronouns is only for the purpose of convenience.

6. Browsing and/or entering the site and / or use of the site's services reflects your full agreement to the stated conditions. If you do not agree to the terms stated herein or to any part of the terms, please refrain from using the site. Do not continue to browse the site and / or make use of the site and / or any part of the site and its services.

7. The site owners reserve the right to change the Terms of Use from time to time at their sole discretion and without having to give prior notice to or seek the consent of the users. The revised terms would be displayed on the site and would be binding upon its publication on the site. The surfer is hereby advised to check the Terms of Use each and every time he is using the site, as there may be changes that have taken place since his last login.

Cessation of Activity

8. At their absolute discretion, the site owners exercise the right to stop the operation of the entire site, part of it and / or change the site's structure, content, scope and appearance, including the addition or removal of links at any time. In any case, the site owners also reserve the right to close the site or terminate of any of its onsite services without prior notice.

Terms of use priority

9. In case of contradiction and / or inconsistency between the website terms of conditions and any other publication of any kind provided on the site itself and / or any other advertising media, the website terms and conditions shall prevail.

10. Unless otherwise stated, the site is intended solely for personal use and should not be used for commercial or wholesale purposes.

11. The site owners, at their absolute and sole discretion, may limit or deny access to the entire site and the information and services contained within the site to any user without having to provide advance notice. site users and would-be users do not have any claim or right to claim damages for denial of access to or use of the site.

12. Under the law, the site owners have the absolute authority to prevent users from accessing the site to browse and use its services in part or its entirety.

13. For the purpose of clarity, the site is not a transaction site or ticket sale site and no money transaction is done on the site. We only provide information on on-going and upcoming events. The information provided on the site does not intend to cover all the classical events offered to the public and does not, in any way; aim to be a substitute for professional advice. The information contained on the site is just general information and/or personal opinions and should not be taken as professional opinion. The user is advised to seek professional advice before ordering tickets based on the information available on the site.

Intellectual Property

14. The intellectual property rights for the site and its services belong exclusively to the site owners, or to the third-party site owners who gave permission to use the site and the aforementioned services. Without any limitation, the publisher is the sole owner of the copyrights, names and trademarks of the site, as well as patents and samples shown on the site. The site owners also have exclusive ownership of registered or unregistered trade secrets involved in running the site and providing its services, site design, the technology involved in the site's operation, including applications and software, graphics and other files, computer codes, texts and/or other content published on the site, hereby called "Information". You are not allowed to copy, distribute, reproduce, publicity display, make available to the public or disclose to third parties the information and/or any part of it. You are also prohibited to modify, publish, transmit, transfer, sell, distribute, make available to the public or make commercial use of any information and/or any part of the site's content, except after requesting for and receiving prior written consent from the site owners.

15. Symbols (including Logos) and other third-party images are also protected by copyright and/or trademarks and are the sole property of their respective owners. You may not copy, distribute, reproduce, publicly display, make available to the public or transmit to any third party the logos, images or symbols shown on the site. You are also prohibited to modify, publish, transmit, transfer, sell, distribute, make available to the public or make commercial use of all or any part of the symbols, logos and images shown on the site without the prior written approval of the site owners.

16. The site owners will undertake to investigate any allegations and/or claim of copyright infringement within 48 hours after you have submitted your request. If appropriate, the site owners will remove the content in question, but this should not be taken as an admission to the correctness of the allegations nor should it be taken as some kind of concession on the part of the site owners.

Limitation of Liability of site owners

17. The site owners will not be liable, in any case and according to all the Torah and/or the legal system (including tort, contract, unjust enrichment, etc.) for any damage claimed by the user and/or any other person, directly or indirectly due to the inability to use the site or its services resulting from site errors. The site owners are also not liable for any loss of information, hardware damage or file errors and deletions on the user's computer or any third party user's computer while using the site and its services, whether the damage is likely expected or if it is unexpected, and a user who is actually making any use of the site and / or its services including programs of events, venues location and time events, location seats during the events, event program, will represent and warrant that he hereby waives any claim and / or demand against the site owners and is solely responsible for any use which he makes at the site services.

18. The full responsibility for the use of the site's contents and services, including the use of third party websites and links shown on the site rests on the user. The site owners are free from any liability that might arise from the use of third party sites and/or links provided on the site.

19. Events displayed on the site may change. Reviews published on the site do not constitute nor do they claim to be recommendations or expert opinions. The user has the sole discretion to review and verify the data provided on the site before using it.

20. The owners of the site do not guarantee that the site and/or its services will not be interrupted, or otherwise function safely and without error or be immune to unauthorized access or to damage, malfunctions or failure of hardware, software, communication lines and systems at the site owner's website, their suppliers and / or their representatives.

21. The site owners are taking and will take reasonable steps and acceptable protection means; however, there is no guarantee that the site will always be protected from computer viruses, including hostile known programs such as Trojans, Worms, Vandals and other harmful applications (Malicious Applications), and the like at any given time. The site owners should not be held responsible if a case like this happens.

22. The services provided on the site are dependent on third party suppliers and the site owners are not responsible for any actions or omissions caused by said third party suppliers. The site owners will not be responsible for any damage/loss/expense that the user might face due to these omissions by third party suppliers.

23. The site owners are not responsible for the availability of services and / or quality and / or the content, form, credibility, reliability and accuracy of the content and will not undertake to remedy any defect or flaw on the site. In addition, the site owners are not responsible for the pleasure of the viewer or participant in the event, because the pleasure is dependent on various factors, including subjective factors.

24. The owners are not responsible for images and videos displayed on the site, and they may be embedded (PIC) from third party sites and they are only used for illustrative purposes.

25. The site owners are not responsible for the content of advertising materials appearing on the site. All the promotional materials uploaded by the advertisers are their sole responsibility. The site owners do not control or oversee the advertising content uploaded to the site. However, they do reserve the right to take down advertisements at their sole discretion.

26. Site owners do not control, supervise or are responsible for the information or services provided or posted on the site by advertisers, including services and contents from other sites made available through a link from the site or from advertisements. The site owners also do not guarantee that all the links are valid at all times and that they will lead to active websites. In addition, links to the site and from the website to other links shall not be construed as sponsorship, warranty, or endorsement by the site owners for third parties.

27. A link from the site should not be taken by the user as an offer from the site owners. It also does not mean that the site owners support, encourage, approve or endorse the contents or services offered by other parties. Users are advised to use all information provided with discretion. User should take full responsibility and take the risk when viewing content, information, advertising, products, opinions and comments displayed or published on the site.

28. Any use of any content, information, advertising, opinions and comments appearing on the site is upon the discretion and responsibility of the user. Communication, agreements and contracts with third parties should be under the direct responsibility of the user and the third party and the site owners shall not, in any way, bear any liability for damages and losses that might arise as a result of the agreement.

29. The contents and / or services on the site could be used as they are (AS IS) by the user and he shall have no claim, suit and / or demand against the site owners and/ or their representatives for the contents and services offered therein including their capabilities, limitations and / or its adaptation to user needs and / or purposes and / or requirements.

30. The user shall have no claim or demand against the site owners for the quality of the information, the services provided on site, their ability, their limitations and their adaptation to his needs and therefore the user hereby waives any claim and / or demand stated against the owners and / or against someone on their behalf.

31. The website owners are not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, as well as the inability to use, loss of data and / or loss of profits resulting from the use of the site, even if supervised in any way on the content of the website or even if they were informed of the possibility of such damage that may be caused to the user and / or any third party, when it comes to the site and / or services, their use, inability to use, cancellation, limitation or termination.

32. If the site owners have tried to help solve a problem or a request from a user on their own, the Owners' assistance shall not be construed in any way as an admission of responsibility on their part.

33. Under no circumstances will the site owner and / or their representatives liability for any direct, indirect, punitive damages, incidental, special or consequential damages and / or any other damages of any kind, including damages for loss of use, loss of data or loss of profits, arising from or related in any way the use of the Website, for delay in the use or inability to use the site or any information, software, products, services and graphics site and / or otherwise arising from the use of the site, whether based on agreement between TORT, between absolute liability and / or any other cause, even if the site owners and / or their representatives were informed about the possibility of TORT.

Termination, Interruption and Changes

34. The site owners are allowed to delete any content from the site at their sole discretion and without the need to notify the users, including blocking, limiting or stopping the provision of services on the site fully or partially, when a user's use of the site could cause disruption to the site and / or its services and / or other visitors, or in which a tort or a criminal offense, either raises reasonable suspicion that the user runs contrary to and / or breach of the law and / or the conditions.

35. Owners of the site have the right to disconnect, limit or stop the provision of services at any time, including but not limited to the purpose of carrying out essential maintenance, site construction or systems updates or during times of national emergencies or for reasons of national security. No obstruction, during a break or restriction of services, as mentioned above, to impose liability on any site owners, and / or to detract from the user's duty to act at all times in accordance with the terms and conditions.

36. The site owners may periodically change the structure, appearance, services, site, scope and availability of services and any other aspect of the site and services without having to notify the user. User shall have no claim or demand against the owners of the site for the execution of such changes or even for its resulting malfunctions, if any.


37. The site owners, at their own discretion, have the right, in any form they see fit, to combine commercial and non-commercial advertisements, decide on the location of ads within the site and decide on the nature and content of the advertisements.

38. Advertisements on the website are the sole responsibility of the publishers. It is clarified that users should carefully and critically consider advertisements published on the site, especially since they are provided by third parties. Responsibility for checking the accuracy and correctness of the content appearing on the site as whole and third-party advertisements in particular, rests on the user.

39. Site owners will not be held responsible for incorrect advertising and for inaccurate or garbled information found on the site and the direct and indirect damage it may cause to the user if he persists on using the incorrect or inaccurate information published.

Representations and Warranties during Browsing

40. In addition to the terms and conditions stated above, you must guarantee the following when using the site:

40.1 That you are 18 years or older. If you are under 18, your use of the site should be under the supervision of your parents or legal guardians and they must provide their consent for your use of the site and that you and your parents or legal guardians agree to the Terms and Conditions, including the terms of limitation of liability as stated herein.

40.2 That you agree not to copy, make available to the public, make derivative works of the contents shown on the site and not to harm the intellectual property, including the copyright of the site owners and third parties, without the prior written authorization from the site owners.

40.3 That you will not charge a fee for referring users to the site, the site's content or links that appear on it.

40.4 That you will not use the services of the site to carry out an act prohibited by law.

40.5 That you will not access the site with malicious intent, including the transferring of software, computer code or applications that contain computer viruses, hostile programs such as Trojans, Worms, Vandals and other harmful and malicious applications and the like that might interfere with the use of the site, infect other users' computers and interfere with the functions of other computers, which constitute the violation of the Israeli computers law - 1995 - (התשנ"ה) and other provisions of the law.

40.6 That you will not use the site for commercial or illegal purposes that will conflict with the Terms and Conditions stated herein. You should not use the site in any manner that could impair or disrupt the operation of computer systems, or the computers associated with the operation and availability of the site.

40.7 That you will not collect data from the site in any way (except by normal viewing), including the use of all technological, electronic and computer methods and/or use ATS Software, including various types of search engine bots, spiders, crawlers and scrapers.

40.8 That you agree to check the content displayed on the site for additional information from other sources for testing, verification and/or comparison to avoid any financial harm or damage to you. In any case, responsibility for such actions applies to the user or third party only, and does not apply to the site owners.

40.9 That you will not collect data of other users and will not behave in any way that may cause damage to the site owners.

40.10 That you agree to compensate and/or indemnify the owners of the site for any damage caused to them or to third parties, etc., including, but not limited to, any charges, demand, damage and loss (including legal expenses) as a result of the use, misuse and actions prohibited by the Israeli law on use of computers – 1995 (התשנ"ה), the Israeli Privacy Protection Act – 1981 (התשמ"א), the Israeli Defamation Law – 1965 (התשכ"ה), the Israeli Commercial Torts Law – 1999 (התשנ"ט), The Israeli Civil Wrongs Ordinance – 1968 (התשכ"ח) and actions that will gravely affect the site, its information, contents and services.

40.11 That you agree to check the event program and it's adapting to your musical and artistic tastes or third party ticket purchased for him.

41. User agrees and warrants that he shall bear all responsibility and risk for any damage and/or loss caused to him or any third party while using the site.

42. The owners of the site, may, at their absolute discretion, use technological means to block the user's access to the site when he behaves contrary to the obligations of a user as specified above. The site owners will be allowed to block the user and prevent him from browsing the site and using its services. Users, who have been blocked by the site owners and prevented from accessing the site, will not be allowed to use the site until approval from the owners of the site has been granted.

43. The user shall compensate and indemnify the owners of the site immediately upon receiving a request to do so, for any damage or loss and for any expense, including legal expenses, incurred to the site owners or their third party affiliates that may be caused directly or indirectly on the site's use. User waives in full, final, complete and irrevocable any claim or demands against the site owners in connection with browsing the site and uses these services.

Assistance in purchasing tickets from the suppliers

44. The site is not meant to process ticket orders from suppliers, however, at its own discretion; the site may consider providing assistance and support for those who will ask for it. To avail of site support, the user should send an email to or to click on the "Contact Us" button.

Privacy Policy

45. The site owners do not collect credit card data and personal information from the user and shall take all reasonable steps to secure whatever information is stored in its database, however, they cannot guarantee perfect security against unauthorized access. Therefore, owners will not bear any liability, direct or indirect, in the event of the discovery and use of the information provided by the user, arising directly or indirectly from unauthorized hacking or as the result of actions and omissions which are beyond the control of the site owners.

46. Browsing the site and using the services contained therein constitutes acceptance and agreement from the user that the site owners will be entitled to perform computerized control on his usage by "Cookies" or similar means. site owners may use any such information for purposes of monitoring, supervision, development and maintenance of the quality of services and their high level and in order to fulfill the provisions of the law. The site owners are also entitled to use these computerized control means for their own needs, including service and surveys of the site.

47. Third party commercial advertising companies may also use "Cookies" of their own when their advertisement is accessed but this is in no way related to the site. These cookie files are used as a tool for collecting computer behavior information from the user, and advertisers may use them to adjust their displayed advertisements to the user's own specific interests.

48. Every user has the right and the ability to delete and / or completely prevents the use of "Cookies" on his computer by changing the relevant settings in the browser.

49. The site owners are careful to follow the provisions of any law including the law of privacy and maintain the privacy of users. They do not, and will never, at any given time, gather private information or reveal/sell/lease said information to parties who are not authorized by law. This includes all personal information as well as their IP addresses and any other information regarding their use of the site, except for the details and public information that the users themselves have provided. site owners reserve the right to disclose the details of the surfer and all information relating to the surfer's use of the site, if ordered by a competent authority and during times of legal proceedings that could arise between the user and the site owners when the Terms and Conditions are breached by the user. The release of a user's personal information by the site owners is also allowed, according to their sole discretion, if they believe that it is necessary to prevent serious damage to other persons or property. Personal information of users may also be released in case of a merger activity of site owners with any third party or if there is a change of site ownership.

50. Site owners invest resources and take reasonable measures to prevent the infiltration of the site and prevent harmful damage to users' privacy. However, they cannot completely avoid disruptions. Therefore, the user declares that he will not have any contention, demand or suit against the owners of the site due to injuries, malfunctions and service interruptions as stated.

51. The site user agrees and acknowledges that he is aware that his activities while using the site may allow third parties, including advertisers and Internet search engines to use the data they have collected from their cookie files to present advertisements and notices tailored to the user while browsing the site or even off-site, as part of the third parties' ongoing activity. This does not mean that they are, in any way, connected with the site owners. Third party activities such as this and subject to the Privacy Policy of the site owners, absolves them from any liability that may arise from the use of third party promotions and advertisements by the user.


52. Any claim and / or demand against the owners of the site will be restricted for a period of 6 months from the date of the alleged cause of damage, and the parties agree that this condition is an agreement for a prescription, as defined in Article 19 of the Statute of Limitations תשי"ח - 1958, given the unique nature of use of an internet site.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

53. The laws of the State of Israel shall apply to the use of the site and its Terms of Use and Conditions. Interpretation of the terms, and any dispute or legal questions about the Terms and Conditions stated herein will be adjudicated only by the authorized and competent court in Haifa, Israel.

54. The user declares that he is aware that the suppliers are not Israeli entities and are residents of another country, therefore, the laws of the State of Israel, including the Consumer Protection Law of 1981 and all subsidiary legislation there under, do not apply to transactions of buying tickets directly from the suppliers. In addition, the user declares that it is his duty to read and understand the policies and agreements regarding reservations stated on websites of the foreign suppliers.

Customer Inquiries

55. The site owners insist on compliance with the provisions of the law and respect the rights of others. If a user finds malicious posts or any other information shown on the site which the user thinks is incorrect or inaccurate, he can contact the webmaster by clicking the "Contact Us" button and calling the attention of the webmaster. The web moderators, at their discretion, would examine the content in question and if they find it necessary, will amend the information or delete it.